Peace House in the Time of Covid 19

Dear friends,


Peace House is following all safety orders and guidelines in response to the Coronavirus outbreak.  That means our after school programs are cancelled.  We fully intend to have a summer program in whatever form circumstances will allow, and we’ll have more details on that as we get more information and guidance.


In the meantime, Peace House is still very much committed to supporting our neighbors on the Eastside.  Since March we have been delivering groceries to families we know who are in need, and we are working to meet other needs however we can.  All the while, we very carefully follow distancing and sanitary practices to minimize the chance of spreading the virus.


We dearly miss seeing our volunteers and young friends and we look forward to all sorts of smiles and hugs when the crisis abates.  We’re glad, though, that we are able to stay in touch even in limited ways.


Be safe, friends.  Following safety guidelines is difficult, but it is certainly an act of love, especially for those who are most at risk: medically compromised folks, healthcare workers, and all others who are not able to choose to stay home.  We will get to the other side of this, but until then let’s take good care of each other as best we can.


Peace House

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