An excellent Peace House Summer- Help us finish strong!

Dear Friends,


It has been an amazing summer. I know we say that every year, but really-this has been our best summer yet. We’ve been blessed with around 40 kids a day joining us for a myriad list of activities. We’ve had enough- and amazing- volunteers to make it happen and happen well. We’ve had people coming in and sharing what they love to do, which makes things around here so much better. We’re so grateful for all the big and little ways that people support Peace House- it literally could not happen without each and every one of you.


We are reaching the end of the summer- two and a half more weeks to go! We have a few specific needs during that time, so take a look below and let us know if there’s anything that you’d like to do:


  • Our annual talent show/neighborhood family barbeque is tomorrow at 2. We are in need of cookies to serve as our dessert. They do not need to be home made, or home baked. If you are interested in donating cookies, please drop them off at the blue house or the gray house any time before 2 tomorrow.


  • Our beloved Jeter’s Leaders are finished for the summer this week. They are on to other exciting opportunities as part of their leadership program. We could use more help here at Peace House for the next two weeks. This can mean anything, but mostly just plugging into activities that we’ve planned. Our open times that we have need are: Monday through Thursday 2-4:30. Consider spending an afternoon with us!



  • And….shhh! It’s back pack season already! What!? Yes- we are collecting back packs here in preparation for our big back to school party/last day of Peace House summer on August 13th. We plan on giving away about 80 back packs this year. Every day we have about 40 kids here in the back yard, but the amount of people who come through Peace House over the summer from time to time, and will be at that party is about 80. We will also be collecting school supplies. Drop of can happen any time at the blue house or the gray house. If no one is home, there are two green recycling boxes on the porch of the blue house, and backpacks/supplies can be stowed underneath.


For those who want to join: our monthly anti-drone vigil is happening this Saturday Aug. 1, from Noon- 1Pm at the Air National Guard base in Battle Creek (3367 W. Dickman Rd). Please let us know if you’re interested in carpooling with us- send us an email or give us a call at 492-1206.


For all of us here at Peace House- Happy Summer!


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