After-School Program

Elementary School Homework Help

Kindergarten-5th Grade

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays


Elementary School kids, are invited to join us for a snack and to get some help with their homework from some pretty smart (and patient) adults.   Kids who work hard on their homework earn tickets that can be used to buy prizes.  Don’t have any homework on a given day- we’ll find you some.  You can do some reading or some math or writing projects.  The idea is to get your brains moving and have as much fun as possible doing it.  Once we get our work done, it’s time for fun.  If the weather’s good, we’ll play outside.  If not, we’ll find some quiet activities indoors.


Teen Program

6th Grade and up



The older crowd does things a little differently.  We do some homework and we share some food, but we spend a lot of time in conversation.  We talk about ourselves and our relationship to the work and the issues that affect us.   We talk about our future and we talk about the world- and find our power to take leadership in both. We find ways to express ourselves positively and creatively.  We keep it honest and respectful- and we find some time for fun.  Every week brings something a little different, but it’s always interesting, to say the least.

Teen Homework Lab



Teens looking for a quiet place to get their work done, with access to computers and internet, are welcome to come to Peace House in the hour before programming starts.  We’ll be getting ready for the main program, so you’ll need to work pretty much independently, though we can help with the occasional question, and there’ll usually be a snack.  Teens can also earn prizes for doing homework.  Save up tickets to earn earbuds, basketballs, or another prize of your choice.  We’ll set a goal for you to reach.